Hafrikplay is a DSP (Digital Service provider) A music streaming platform where the content creators (artists, DJs, Podcasters), etc Can upload their content with ease and be heard in the outside world.

HafrikPlay is solving the problem of underground and fast-rising artists, not been given a shot in the digital music streaming world, Creating a niche for themselves and having a fan base, We are shedding light on the fastest growing music genre in the world.

Our Core Value:

  • Discovery of underground Artists and Marginalization of resources for existing African Artists

  • Extra concentration on Afrobeats artists by creating enough playlists for listeners to explore the genre in different contexts.

  • Encouragement and acceleration of the streaming culture in Africa as a whole.

    With Hafrikplay, you stand a chance to be heard as an Artist, Producer, Sound engineer, Record Label, and Podcaster.

    Note: You can upload your contents, and it goes live immediately, you will have listeners listening to your song immediately,

What You Can Do:

  • As a Producer, you get to sell your content (beats).

  • As an artist, you get to sell your Music, Tickets for upcoming shows or events, also sell Merchandise on your own profile with our payment gateway system.

  • You can withdraw the funds Into your account.

  • Artists can run ads through the Hafrikplay website and everyone will see

    their contents

  • Paid Promotions to attract potential fanbase, listeners and investors.

  • You can monitor and communicate with your fanbase on the app, You can run giveaways, challenges, etc via the Hafrikplay platform.

  • Upgrading to premium on the platform gives you added advantages like becoming verified, A pro badge, and Increased content upload.

  • Using Hafrikplay helps you get an extra edge over most platforms because we are generally focused on Afrobeats.

  • Point system is also available for both intent creators and users.

  • The gained points can be used on Hafrikplay to purchase merchandise.



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