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Get ready to be mesmerized by the artistic brilliance of Nigeria's very own Runda as he unveils his latest musical creation, the "Beautiful Lies" EP.

This is a testament to his exceptional talent and creativity, and it's a project that promises to leave a lasting impact on your musical soul.

The EP boasts a carefully curated collection of six captivating tracks, each of them a unique sonic journey. What makes "Beautiful Lies" even more special is Runda's collaboration with some of Nigeria's finest talents, including Dai Verse, PsychoYP and Superboy Cheque. Their collective genius has resulted in a project that's a true testament to the diversity and depth of Nigerian music.

Don't miss out on the chance to savor the musical excellence of "Beautiful Lies." Dive in and let the melodies sweep you away. We're eager to hear your thoughts and reactions, so please share them
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