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17 year old Female singer / guitarist ' Omobosola Karimat Alaka ' Popularly know as ' Okal ' is the latest addition to Genius Music . She premiers her debut single After Playing Live On top radio stations like Rhythm 93.7 Fm and Others . Her talent & vocals and message passed through her lyrics are absolutely unique and classic .

Okal has managed to create huge buzz for her self by playing live at hundreds of shows and is a well respected young diva doing great both musically and academically at Uniben where shes presently studying .

After Bagging a deal with Genius Music ' she brings forth the Track 'Cold World' which is an emotional and inspirational piece that would get you thinking about this world we live in .
Listen , Enjoy , Share And Support Good Music !!!!
Twitter : @IamOkal ,@GeniusMusicNg
Instagram : @IamOkal , @GeniusMusicNg
Management & Bookings : 07033268460

Verse 1

Its a Cold world out here
Feels so cold a times
Some people wake up to hell,
Others say prayers in the morning,
Wishing another won't come & so much terrible things

Won't get to happen } 2X

I know how it feels i know how it is,
Waiting for help hoping it will be here.
The pain beside your heart so much worries.

Everything puffed up in your head }2X
No good to tell

All i say to you my brothers and sisters out there (2ce)

CHORUS: Its a cold world out here(2ce)

So much to fear ,so much fear all have to do is hozzle foozle to survive..
Rising is difficult falling is smooth easy
You only have to look up to GOD Hoping one day your time will come and you wont have to worry so much things u want will b right in front of you..
Some days u realize this world we living in its not easy to fit in
Someone you see here today may be death tomorrow, so if you re feeling sad inside you, if you are feeling down and bad inside you don't you let it take you out
Some people out there have times double of yah trouble just no(2ce)
wake up in d morning saying o lord guide me to the right place, guide me to d right,guide me to the right path that's all you gat to do thats all you gat to do ..(2ce)
Chorus : its a cold world out here....

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