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We are am thrilled to share a momentous announcement with all of you – Hafrikplay is embarking on an incredible journey through a strategic partnership with Astrotwig!

[Lagos, 27/10/23] — In a groundbreaking move set to disrupt the music streaming landscape, HafrikPlay and Astrotwig proudly announce their strategic partnership, aiming to create new opportunities and experiences for music lovers and artists worldwide.


HafrikPlay, the acclaimed digital service provider, and Astrotwig, the emerging social music streaming platform, have joined forces to offer a unique fusion of cutting-edge technology and community-driven music discovery.


This collaboration brings together the best of both worlds, combining HafrikPlay’s expertise in streaming services and Astrotwig’s innovative approach to social music sharing. The partnership is set to redefine how music enthusiasts interact with their favorite tunes and how artists connect with their audiences.


**Key Highlights of the Partnership:**


1. **Amplifying Undiscovered Talent**: HafrikPlay, known for its commitment to supporting underground and fast-rising artists, will provide a platform for Astrotwig users to discover fresh, untapped musical talents.


2. Immersive Community Experiences: With features like Astrodeck and Astropod, Astrotwig users can host listening parties, engage in lively discussions, and share their musical journeys, creating a vibrant and immersive music-loving community.


3. Artist-Listener Collaboration: Artists can now engage directly with their fanbase and listeners on Astrotwig, fostering a more personal and engaging connection.


4. Unleashing Creativity: The partnership opens the door for artists and creators to showcase their talents, gain exposure, and explore new avenues to share their work with a global audience.


5. Enhanced Music Discovery: Listeners on HafrikPlay will have the opportunity to explore an array of diverse and unique content from Astrotwig, further enriching their music discovery experience.


6. StayAstro, StayAbove: Together, HafrikPlay and Astrotwig invite music enthusiasts to embrace a world where music transcends boundaries and connects people, one note at a time.




– [Karimat Alaka], [Chief Operations Officer] at HafrikPlay, commented, “Our partnership with Astrotwig reflects our dedication to empowering artists and music lovers. We are excited about the creative opportunities this collaboration will unlock.”


– [Adeleke Oluwasegun Samuel], [Chief Executive Officer] at Astrotwig, added, “Astrotwig’s focus on community-driven music discovery aligns perfectly with HafrikPlay’s vision. Together, we’re poised to create a music ecosystem like no other.”


This partnership marks a new era in music streaming, where technology and community join forces to create a more enriching experience for all. To learn more about this exciting collaboration, please visit [HafrikPlay www.hafrikplay.com] and [Astrotwig www.astrotwig.com].


About HafrikPlay:


HafrikPlay, a digital service provider, is a music streaming platform that is committed to promoting African music and supporting both emerging and established artists. HafrikPlay prides itself on providing a space for music enthusiasts to discover and enjoy an extensive catalog of African music.


About Astrotwig:

Astrotwig is a rising star in the social music streaming landscape, offering a unique approach to music sharing, discovery, and interaction. With features like Astrodeck and Astropod, Astrotwig aims to make music more personal and communal, bridging the gap between artists and listeners.


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