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Anpheous Published 2 months ago in Afro Pop, in album: Love Addiction

Anpheous - Happy Birthday

"Love Addiction" album official music video sequence featuring China-based Nigerian Model @Faeivee and yours truly, the LIB Rockstar, @Anpheous
It's a typical scenario that most of us have experienced or seen. It starts with a birthday celebration and depict the perfect atmosphere that exist when two partners truly loved one another. Everything worked out just smoothly with no strain attached. Put simply, no stress. As you watch on, take note of how the story goes and see what you can learn from it that can be applicable between you and your loved one. Please subscribe and share as well. Thanks for watching and for your support.

Listen to the Love Addiction

Video Credit:
Director: @Andrew Silungwe
Model: @Faeivee

IG: @Anpheous

#musicvideo #afrobeat #afropop #Liberia #Rockstar #2021
#sequence #part1


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