Make Am (freestyle) is a sensational reggae music that would blow your mind and motivates you to never give up on the hustle, self motivation, This is a freestyle done by Gum-Tee a.k.a ReggaeTaliban and its very spiritual and I bet you would love to listen to it over and over again ,Reggae to the world #BULLET #PHUM

yagayagayo, yagayo
Gum-Tee here again,
Gum-tee here again,
freestyle, BULLET
Eh, Eh,
here again here again,
mofe lowo o, Ahn, Eh
for this place wey I dey,
I must to lowo o, Ahn,
Gum-Tee ye, ye
mofe di olowo o, Ahn, Ahan,Ahan,Aahan
This year,

This year me must to make am,
must to make am, me must to make am
okay thats why everyday me I dy stay calm, everyday I dy stay calm
see I dy stay calm, say
everything na money thinking eh,
everything wey I think is money thinking eh,
omo, no think of negativity,
As I roll what i think of is positivity,
its a freestyle thing,
I'm thinking about the money, eh
so far u dy lowo lowo lowo o,
hustle 4 the money,
I want to lowo o,
I must to make am, Eh, Eh, Ye
me I must to make am o, Ahn, Ahan, Ahn, Ahn
Rastaman, BULLET, PHUM

We go make am o, Eh Eh, Eh, Eh Eh
I go make am o, Ahn,
look to your neighbor and say
we must to make am o, make am o,make am o, Eh Eh Eh
gbogbo wa we go buy motor, we go buy motor,
hustle everyday LA n fi sise

Sise, gbowo, sise
Everyday me hustle mo n sise,
anywhere me dy, me I dy hustle
mo fe hi---gh, if I want to buy anything,
I GATS to hustle 4 money,
thats why every I go out every morning,
everyday me I go out every morning,
What is it all about,
Is just bcos of money,
A freestyle me singing to the youth,
listen 2 the truth,
Gum-Tee, Eh Eh
I say,
listen to d truth, 2 d truth,
me I preach
Gum-Tee, Ahn Ahn
Me gats to hustle,
no matter what you do in a dis life, Eh
never live no fake life,
Try to do just what right,
never look down on your neighbor, your broda man yo yo,
try to mind your hustle,
make you mind ur hustle,
no go look there,
no go look down on anybody,
no go look down on DAT ur Broda man, cos,
no one knows tomorrow,
I want to hustle 4 money,
sey me want to make am o,
thats why I dey tepamose o,
just bcos I wan make am o, Eh Eh

I want to make am oo, say ah
walaitalai me I go make am o,
me no go fake am o,
reggaetaliban, ehn ehn,
sey me I dy burst,
so big up man busy signal,
Inna Jamaica,
Gum-Tee, Eh,
say you dy feel what is the reason now,
its a freestyle me I sing,
me dy in Nigeria,
me respect dem in jamaica,
Demma niggas Inna Ghana,
The ones for Bayelsa, Tkp ooo,
D ones wey dy 4 Delta, BULLET
Everybody dy tepa dy tepa Mose oo,
Thats why I dy hustle---le, Eh,
Me never relent, never relent,
savage me I sight you, Tkp, olavizzy, Pablo, obodo robodo, Phum
Eh, yo yo ,BULLET

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